Deirdre with The Cool Food School having fun with kids

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Are your struggling to get your child/ren to eat veggies?

Are you tired of throwing out the abandoned carrots and wilting lettuce after each meal?

Are you tearing your hair out every day making different dinners for everyone?

If this is you - then you've come to the right place!

Our goal at The Cool Food School is to help your child/ren eat more veg by making them fun!

The Course

Welcome to "Terrific Tomatoes". This is one of the 6 workshops from our main course "Food Fun for Preschoolers"

During this workshop your child will learn :

  • how to explain a tomato to an alien!
  • different colours and shapes of tomatoes
  • is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
  • make a juice squirter!
  • how to make fruit salad!

They will also get to meet the slightly annoying Farmer Joe and his banana phone!

Enjoy the workshop at your own pace with your children. It is suitable for children from the age of 3 - 5 years old approximately, although you can use them with younger or older children too!

What comes with the course :

1 fun, interactive, animated food education and simple cooking workshop focused on tomatoes.


  • a mini resource box with a safe knife and peeler, magnifying glass, and some other small bits you'll need to complete the workshop
  • 2 worksheets to help reinforce the learning of the workshop
  • a tips and recipe sheet for you with fun ideas on how to include tomato in your diet and simple recipes

What you'll need to supply

  • your child!
  • some fresh food (including tomatoes)

Kiddies food cutter and safety food peeler
Resource Box

Your FREE mini resource box will contain a set of a safe knife and peeler that will help empower your children to chop and peel fruit and veggies and they are an integral part of the course.

And you can use them for cooking afterwards!

Watch out for our little food explorers!

Ollie, Molly and Chuck will be popping up throughout the workshops - so keep an eye out for them!

And Farmer Joe is a frequent visitor!

What do parents say?

"He tried mushrooms.

You're a genius!"


Can we see more of the funny woman?!

4yr old

Start having food fun now!

Why should you book this course?

If you're tearing your hair out because your child won't touch a lettuce leaf or gags at the sight of mushrooms, then this might just be the course for you!

Deirdre has worked with young children for many years, helping them to get excited about food - away from the rules and regulations of the dining room table - through fun activities, song, play and more. She can pretty much guarantee your child will eat a leaf of rocket lettuce ... but you have to do the course to see how!